We met Leo, scruffy and wet, at our gate one morning.  We picked him up, cleaned him up, then went through the official search for an owner, not believing anyone could let him go, and assuming someone would respond. 

No one did. 

By the time the waiting period was over, and we could no longer expect an owner to come forth, Leo had changed our lives. 

Our old, old Darla Dog found a loving and  respectful playmate and companion, who grew more careful with her as she aged. 

Our cats, after a brief period of adjustment, found a loving and true pal, who now will sometimes not eat until his feline friends are chowing from the same spoon. Sometimes they spar and tussle, but no one is hurt. 

Our Donkeys found a coach, as you have seen in the video. Workouts for everyone! 

I’ve benefitted from LIIT — Leo Intensive Interval Training—myself, as our walks with a leash will sometimes turn exciting and I’ll try to keep up with the guy who’s pulling me along on his hind feet. 

Did I mention he loves to be cuddled like a human baby? 

And he knows when you need a friend. 

I wrote “Doggie Song’ years before I met our Leo, but no one could be more suited for the part.  I am deeply grateful, and it is my luck, and my  joy, to be his friend.

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